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You may have read in the press, or heard it on the radio, I got an MBE for services to design in last months Queens Birthday Honours List. So tug your forelock, doff your cap and curtsey. My mum is really proud, everyone in the village knows and she’s about to go out and buy a fancy hat for the visit to the Palace. What you may not have heard (unless you come from her birth town where banners outside newsagents declared “Local lass awarded MBE” ) is that my wife of 23 years, my design and business partner of 25 years, the always lovely Gerardine Hemingway was also awarded an MBE. In fact many of you may not have heard of Gerardine, even though she co founded Red or Dead and HemingwayDesign with me, has always headed up the design teams and is probably more creative than yours truly. I accept that she hasn’t got as big a mouth as me and doesn’t always feel comfortable doing media stuff but the main reason is she’s a woman.



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