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Blogging can be wonderful addition to our lives, to information flow and as a release for our views. It can give an alternative unencumbered view that doesn’t have to tow the corporate line that some journalists have to tow.

I have just finished the process of being part of the team delivering the first Vintage at Goodwood   www.vintageatgoodwood.com It’s the first time that I have had chance to see in detail how the blogging community gets involved in the promotion of a product / event  and what an eye opener it’s been. The vast majority of bloggers are individuals who have a passion for a subject matter and just want to share their passion. But there is a small minority who are in danger of giving “blogging” a bad name. (more…)


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Back in 2002 when I was doing my twice weekly spot on The Big Breakfast I reviewed the early Digital Radio’s that were coming onto the market. I bought my first Digital Radio myself back then and immediately transformed by aural enjoyment of Test Match Special with a sound quality that considerably trumps Long and Medium waves (although that isn’t hard). It was back in 2002 that I first found 6 Music. Finally I had found the “soundtrack of our lives”. A wide church of a playlist that was eclectic, seemingly unfettered by a desire to reach a bloody heavily researched “target demographic”, that didn’t feel the need to be “down with the kids”, that didn’t feel the need to pander to crass celebrity culture, that treated music lovers with intelligence and broadened all musical knowledge.


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