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Preston Bus Station

At HemingwayDesign we consistently show how timeless design can be appreciated across the generations. Our Vintage brand came to Preston for A Vintage Guild weekend and tens of thousands of Lancastrians showed their appreciation of classic design. Preston Bus Station is an iconic piece of architecture which surely with some intelligent thought can be part of a regenerated Preston City Centre. It’s important to remember that three of Britain best loved buildings and most well used buildings The Barbican, The Southbank Centre and Tate Modern were all, not too long ago, deemed carbuncles.Image



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Colonial Warehouse Rangoon

I have been saddened by an article by Jason Burke in the Guardian in early December 2012 about the threat to the colonial buildings of Rangoon.

Rangoon Apartments


It reminded me about my trips over the past 25 years to Calcutta, Kolkata, where the city’s colonial architecture always draws me in but ultimately leaves me sad seeing such grand buildings often reaching a state of no return . Winston Churchill once said;

“The further I look back, the further forward I can see.”

No matter how many problems there were in the past, some things are worth preserving. Beautifully crafted and evocative architecture is definitely worth cherishing. Surely the financial gain from building new office blocks in colonial districts of these cities cannot outweigh the long term sense of place and serendipity benefits that result from preserving and giving new life to well thought out and beautifully crafted buildings?

Rangoon Ironwork

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