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At Vintage we really hope that Habitat as a brand gets through its current sad woes. They deserve the support of the creative community for flying the flag of design since 1964. The new owners only seem to be keeping 3 London shops open and then taking the brand online.

I for one hope that Habitat rises like a phoenix from the ashes. Here’s a taster of classic Habitat…

Habitat Scoop chair & plastic coffee tables

1974 Stun seating Habitat

1974 Habitat pendant lamps

1973 Habitat flop chair sofaHabitat Stop in Sofa and Sturs chair 1974


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It’s been about 4 years since I last visited Poundbury, and in those 4 years I seem to be reading and hearing fewer criticisms of “Prince Charles housing estate”. However it is still held up by many in the housing industry as being pastiche at its worst.


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